Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ben Ashaari dan My Twitter

Assalamu’alaikum! & Greeting!...

a moment ago, i'm opened my twitter account and i saw this!!!

Maaf yer gambar tak bape nak clear...

Apa lagi, i'm so excited lah. I did not expect the famous blogger like Ben Ashaari will follow me back on twitter. Anyways, thanks very much Abg Ben. 

And also thanks for this!!!

You are my second follower at the time. Although, at the time my blog still too new and boleh dikatakkan tiada isi in my blog but his want to add me. Thanks again. Now, my blog still not make people interested. However, i'll not stop to write on my blog.

So, let follow me too at my twitter @itmemawarputih

And also thanks for all my follower yang telah add my blog. I very appreciate that.. So, sebagai tanda penghargaan at here i want to share them link to uols. 

# no disusun mengikut angka yg mereka add. Tak banyak pun my followers.

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